What's All This Then? | Beyond The Sock

What's All This Then?

Beyond the Sock is a one-of-kind puppetry workshop located on the University of North Texas campus in Denton, Texas. This four and a half day event immerses attendees in the desgin, construction, and performance techniques used with "hand and rod" style puppets similar to those found in some of entertainment's most endearing television series and films.

Workshop attendees will learn character development, design and construction methods by participating in hands-on puppet crafting sessions led by a master puppet builder who helps each person conceptualize and build their own camera ready puppet for use during the workshop. Attendees also learn the physical techniques used by the professionals which are vital to creating compelling performances. These sessions are taught by two of the top puppetry performers in the industry. There will also be practical application of the skills learned through a culminating studio performance on the final day of the workshop. The workshop is great for performers, puppet designers, puppet builders, puppetry fans, students and educators. Continuing education credits are available to educators who attend.

For five years Beyond The Sock Workshop sessions have been co-hosted by the of the University Of North Texas Department of Media Artsand Department of Dance and Theatre. Additional support has been provided by the UNT Office of Equity and Diversity and the Greater Denton Arts Council. Through the combined efforts of both departments, workshop staff and volunteers involved attendees have access to spacious and well-equipped facilities for design, construction and performance. This includes a dedicated design space, theatre space, construction shop and HD production studio spaces. Workshop coordinators and founders are UNT faculty members James M. Martin (Assistant Professor of Media Arts) Mario Tooch (Senior Lecturer Dept. of Dance and Theatre) and Adam Chamberlin (Associate Professor Dept. of Dance and Theatre) who supervise all sessions and serve as liaisons for attendees and instructors.